Cumann Lúthchleas Gael Fear Manach

Tuarasail na Rúnaí Coiste Chontae Fhearmanach 2013

December 6th, 2013

Tuarasail na Rúnaí Coiste Chontae Fhearmanach 2013
A chairde gaeil go léir,
Fellow Gaels, I wish to welcome you all here today to Brookeborough Heber McMahon GAA
Club for our County Convention of 2013.
As the end of 2013 fast approaches it is my pleasant duty as Secretary of Fermanagh County
Board to present my report for adoption at Annual Convention tonight detailing the activities that
took place under the control of the Board during the year.
While the county’s football teams prepared well andcompeted adequately in all leagues and
championships there was no Provincial or All-Ireland success at minor, U21 or senior
levels in 2013.
On the club scene, there were new county champions at all levels in football, with Roslea
winning the senior title and Enniskillen the intermediate grade. Also in football Ederney St
Josephs won the Senior League Div 1 title after a break of forty four years.
Lisbellaw made it eight consecutive county senior hurling titles by defeating Lisnaskea.
Our County Committee met on ten occasions in 2013. Thanks are again due to Enniskillen Gaels
club for hosting most our County Committee meetings.
Between County Committee meetings, Management Committee met on eight occasions up to the
time of going to press. Thanks to all the County Board Officers who put in so much time and
effort on behalf of the Association.
This year we hosted Ulster Convention in St Michael’s College and I express our appreciation to
Mr McCullough (Principal) for the use of the college facilities and to Fr MacCartan McQuaid for
his celebration of Mass.
In co-operation with Ulster Council, the now annualClub Maith seminar for Club Officers was
held in St. Michael’s College in February and was reasonably well attended. Our thanks again to
Michael Duffy (St Michaels College) for his co-operation in making the college facilities
All of our Sub-Committees present a report to County Committee meetings and bearing in mind
that each has its own report attached I will only comment as briefly as possible on the work of
each. It is important to record appreciation of thework of the many individual members on such
Committees and I ask that Club Officers and delegates to Convention read these reports as they
reveal a tremendous volume of work.
Competitions Control Committee
This committee, chaired by Greg Kelly and administered by secretary Hugh Kelly, Youth
secretary Finola Owens, again this year ensured that our fixtures programme was completed in
reasonable time.
CCC report to Convention outlines the constraints in scheduling our games and dealing with
postponements and re-fixtures. Again this year, in an attempt to address these issues and to
deliver a consistent playing programme, a number ofmidweek and double weekend rounds of
fixtures were played. These largely were a success even though there were some grievances
expressed about the scheduling of fixtures during the week and on Friday evenings.
In order to address league and championship issues CCC through their secretary Hugh Kelly
produced a Discussion & Consultation Document on Club Fixtures and it is their intention to
bring forward a number of proposals for discussion in January in response to the views expressed
by the various stakeholders.
With regard to discipline it is good to see that the CCC report shows that there was a marked
improvement in discipline on the field of play compared to the previous two years, especially at
adult level.
The Hearings Committee, again this year under Chairman Pat McGurn and Secretary Gerry O’
Hara, had the difficult task of adjudicating on hearing requests. I express my thanks to the
members of our Hearings Committee for carrying out their duties in a fair and independent
manner whenever called upon.
CCC report is included
County Planning and Physical Development Committee
This committee, under the Chairmanship of Peter Carty and administered by Secretary Brian
Armitage, has got through much work during the yearwith emphasis on physical development
at county and club level, as well as information and assistance to clubs regarding grants, club
deeds, safety inspections of club grounds and stewarding of matches and event control.
It is important that all clubs put in place a yearly maintenance plan for the upkeep of their
facilities. I want to take this opportunity to commend Roslea GAA for the development and
completion of a covered and fully seated stand at Shamrock Park.
I want to again remind clubs of the importance of having persons trained in stewarding and
safety issues.
We are grateful to all those stewards who facilitate the safe and smooth running of our
major fixtures throughout the playing season; a special word of thanks is due to Jim Tummon
and Shane Connolly, Enniskillen and Michael Duffy & Liam Donnelly, Irvinestown, for their
organisation and leadership of the county’s stewards.
County Planning and Physical Development Committee report is included
Coaching and Games Development Committee
Again this year the well established coaching programmes were delivered across a wide range of
I want to acknowledge this work and thank all coaches, all who were employed throughout the
year and those who worked in a voluntary capacity in coaching. I thank Deirdre Donnelly for her
work and commitment in her role as Coaching Officer.
Our congratulations to Tempo GAA on winning the Ulster GAA President’s Award for coaching
at both county & provincial level.
2013 saw the departure of Peter McGinnity from the post of County Games Development
Manager after a period of 8 years. I thank Peter for his work and commitment to the post and for
the valuable knowledge he imparted to all.
Following a recruitment and interview process, Teresa McNabb was appointed to the role of
County Games Development Manager. We wish Teresa every success in her new post.
Coaching Officer’s report is included.
Cultural/ Irish Language and Heritage Committees.
It is important to compliment and to thank all the dedicated members who promote Scór in the
County. Regrettably, the vast majority of Clubs do not respond to the requests to be involved in
this important aspect of our Association.
Our Scor Sinsear competition held in St Patricks GAA Club, Donagh this year, had eleven clubs
participating with the winners going on to represent the county in the Ulster competition.
Scor Na nOg for 2013 final, hosted by Brookeborough, was recently completed and I
acknowledge all involved for organising a successful final.
Fermanagh District Council again awarded bursaries to the Gaeltacht. These were distributed at a
recent reception in the Townhall Enniskillen. Our thanks to Tommy McLaughlin (FDC) for his
co-operation with this initiative and to the Council Chairman, Alex Baird and other Councillors
for their presence on the night.
Under the direction of Greg Kelly, Irish Language courses were again promoted at Downings Co
Donegal. The Irish Language Class for beginners, supported by Fermanagh District Council and
held locally in Enniskillen again took place this year and it is pleasing to report that there were
over one hundred applicants for places in the 3 classes clearly demonstrating the increased level
of interest in our native tongue.
This year very few clubs took up the annual collection on behalf of the Language and I would
ask both the Cultural and Finance committee going forward to review this issue.
Due to ill health, Tom Cullen has stepped aside from his extensive involvement in the promoting
of Irish Language and Heritage. As far back as I can remember Tom has pursued the promotion
of the language with a deep sense of passion and commitment. It was very fitting that a
presentation was made to Tom on County final day inrecognition of his many years of service.
Hopefully in the future Tom will be well enough to play a role in this important aspect of our
Association’s activity.
Greg stands down today from the position of Cultural Officer and I thank Greg for his work over
the past 5 years.
Cultural/ Irish Language and Heritage Committee report is included.
Communication and Marketing
This year to comply with County By-law we reverted back to Public Relations/Marketing
Committee and Information Technology Committee.
Public Relations/Marketing Committee
The Fermanagh G.A.A. Website developed in 2012, continues to attract attention and achieved
over 73,324visits this year.
Throughout our Club Championship, programmes were produced in-house and the programme
for our County Final day was again well supported by all clubs involved. During all our
competitions, updated results and league tables were presented on a weekly basis.
Information Technology
Niall Cullen continues to provide a support serviceto all clubs in respect of the Club Registration
System and email.
The IT service for competition management was provided by Serva-Sport, providing a direct link
to our website and Google mail now provides an extensive range of services to all our units.
Social Media
Social media platforms are great in that they offerpeople a way to communicate instantly with
each other. Within our own organisation, some individuals who always want to remain
anonymous, believe that they have the right to postcomments criticising decisions, abusing
referees and players. I appeal to all our clubs to encourage members to act responsibly and
follow the guidelines in the ‘Social Media Policiesand Guidelines.’
It is often better to take a moment to think about what is written before posting it. Once a
comment has been posted it is too late to have a change of mind. What goes on the net stays on
the net.
Communication and Marketing Committee report is included
Youth Committee
Our Bord na n-Óg, under the Chairmanship of Gerry McAloon and Secretary Finola Owens,
again worked this year in conjunction with the CCC to deliver a programme of meaningful
games across all underage grades. This year the prospect of Club amalgamations for certain age
groupings have became an issue and the youth committee have set a process in place to take
application by clubs forward. When considering amalgamations clubs should carefully consider
what is in the best interest of all their players.
Youth Committee report is included.
Referees Administration Committee
This committee under the Chairmanship of Fergal Cleary, Secretary Harry Traynor carried out a
lot of work in respect of referee recruitment, training and match preparation.
I acknowledge the work of our Appointment Officer Noel Davis who acted as Appointments
Officer across all levels.
I wish to place on record our deep appreciation of the essential and outstanding service
by our referees throughout the year in Championshipand League Competitions. The
standard of refereeing has generally been of a very high standard. Congratulations to those
chosen to take charge of our various County Finals and thanks to all who took charge of all other
games and to those who acted as linesmen and umpires.
Our inter-county referees officiated at many matches across the country.
Referees Committee report is included.
Lissan Committee
Lissan Centre has being up and running since 2005 and over this period a lot of traffic has passed
through with our playing fields very much in use byour county teams of both codes and ladies
teams as well as various activities promoted by our games development and schools. All this
takes its toil on the wear and tear of the facilities. It is time to do a comprehensive review of
existing facilities and put in place a plan to maintain existing structures and explore new
developments on the Lissan site.
I thank Joe McGurn (Chairman) and Frank McManus (Secretary) for their work and with regard
to the day to day running of Lissan, I want to again thank Seamus McMahon for his hard work &
County Finance
This was again another very challenging year for us in relation to income and expenditure.
Unfortunately some of the remedial action put in place did not bear fruit and going forward these
issues will have to be comprehensively addressed.
As in previous years we are expected to deliver on payment of monies that are vitally important
to the running of our Association, these being – Player Injury Scheme subscription, Public
Liability and Property insurance, membership registration, club levy and referee fees.
Gate receipts from all our club competitions now form an important contribution to our overall
budget. None of this would be possible without the dedication of our members of the finance
committee who ensure that gates for all championship games and finals were covered.
The outstanding issues in respect of the registration of VAT were finalised this year.
A Finance Committee report from our Treasurer is included with the Accounts and Balance
Sheet which will be presented to Convention by our accountant Des Crudden, to whom we are
grateful for his continuing advice and support.
In terms of financial support we are grateful to all our sponsors and I appeal to all GAA people
in the county to support them through difficult times ahead. Thanks to Patsy Tracey of Tracey
Concrete, for his continuing valued support to our County Senior Football Team.
Our thanks also to O’Neill Sports for their valued sponsorship in respect of gear to all our county
teams. Again this year O’Neill’s Sportswear has supplied playing gear to all our teams. I want to
acknowledge and thank Kieran Kennedy and all his staff for their assistance.
I also want to acknowledge the sponsorship provided to our County Minor and U-21 football
teams by the Pat Blake Group and to our hurling teams from the Bite Group.
Monaghan Bros Lisnaskea provided a kit van our senior football team and to our coaching staff
for use during the summer camps. A number of other local businesses provided sponsorship to
support our competitions and their details were published this year on our website.
Club Eirne
I would like to thank Club Eirne for their fundraising efforts this year in which they again provided a
significant contribution to support our senior football team. I want to thank all members of the Club
Eirne committee for their work throughout the year.In September the management committee of Club
Eirne felt it necessary to reassess its role and decided to cease its activities. It is important thatthis area is
addressed going forward.
Insurance Issues.
Player Injury Scheme
The registration of teams and payment of subscription with the ‘Players Injury Scheme’ direct to
Croke Park is now well embedded into the administration process. However when it comes to
submitting claims clubs need to pay attention to the 60 day rule, as a number of claims were
submitted outside of this period and we have had only limited success in the appeals process.
Also I would remind clubs to be diligent in reporting player injuries to referees if the injury
occurred during an official game. Too much time is being spent on tracing referee’s report to
support claims only to find that there is no evidence of an injury being recorded. This then leads
to a letter of confirmation having to be submitted by the County Secretary, which is primarily
based on trust that the incident did occur.
Public Liability /Property Insurance.
I want to take this opportunity to remind clubs to be ever vigilant in guarding against potential
claims by ensuring that precautions are taken to make sure that club property, car parks, social
centre etc are maintained to a high standard. It isalso important to take action to protect property
during adverse weather conditions.
Fund raising events
This year, nationally there has been an increase infundraising activity such as road races and
cycle events. The GAA Liability Insurance excludes events which take place on public roads
unless they are notified in advance and planning and controls are in place. I would remind clubs
that if organising such events, the first thing on your ‘to do list’ should be notification to the
county secretary so that notice can be forwarded to Croke Park and Willis. Remember ‘If the
event is not notified there is no insurance cover.’
County Teams
Senior Football
In the two opening games of the McKenna cup we recorded wins over Donegal and St Mary’s
University College. In the third game we lost to Monaghan in Inniskeen. The end results of the
group stage provided a semi-final spot against Tyrone with Tyrone winning.
In the National League Division 3, we had a reasonably successful campaign, winning four of
our seven games, wins recorded against Wicklow, Roscommon, Cavan and Sligo, a draw against
Antrim and defeats to Monaghan and Meath. As the results show an extra bit of luck against
Antrim or Meath could have secured promotion to Division 2.
In the Ulster Championship we had a home game this year against Cavan. This game, staged on
the weekend before the G8 summit, turned out to be a competitive affair with the result in doubt
going into the last ten minutes with Cavan running out two point winners.
In the Qualifiers Round 1, we had an away game against Westmeath. In this game we had the
upper hand throughout the first half but had to withstand a Westmeath fight back but still ran out
winners on a score line of Westmeath 1-15 Fermanagh 3-10. In our Round 2 game we were
drawn against our neighbours Cavan. In a bad tempered affair, a melee just at the half time break
resulted in Sean Quigley being sent off and this placed us at an immediate disadvantage. Cavan
won the game on a score line of Cavan 1-14, Fermanagh 0-10.
I thank all players who represented Fermanagh in 2013 for their efforts throughout the InterCounty season.
I thank Peter Canavan and all his backroom team for all their efforts in their second year in
charge. It was disappointing that a win in the Ulster Championship was not achieved.
In September Peter informed the County Board that he was standing down from the position of
Senior Team Manager.
Peter McGrath was recently appointed to the position & has held a number of trials to date. I
wish Peter every success in 2014.
U-21 Football
Team Manager Malachy Cullen assisted by Enda Kilpatrick set about preparing the team
thoroughly at the start of the year with the panel participating in a number of planned challenge
games. In the first round of the Ulster Championship we were drawn at home against Armagh.
This game was played under lights in Brewster Park with Armagh emerging winners on a score
line of Fermanagh (0.09) Armagh (2.10).
I thank Malachy and Enda for their commitment and effort in managing the U-21 panel in 2013.
Minor Football
The Minor football team, under manager Simon Bradley competed in group B of the Ulster
Minor League against Donegal, Antrim, Tyrone & Derry. We recorded wins over Donegal and
Derry but lost to Antrim and Tyrone.
In the Ulster Championship we played Cavan in Clones in a competitive and entertaining game,
losing the match by three points. Fermanagh (1.08) Cavan (1.11).
I thank Simon and his backroom team for their commitment and effort in managing the Minor
panel in 2013.
Senior Hurling
Our Senior hurlers, managed by Seamus McCusker assisted by Sean Duffy competed in the
National Hurling League Div 3B, and recorded wins over Tyrone, Fingal and Monaghan, defeats
by Louth and Donegal, finishing in 4
position in the league.
In the Lory Meagher Cup, we recorded wins over Leitrim, a draw against Warwickshire but lost
heavily to Longford.
Our hurling panel are drawn from a small pool of players some of which are dual players. It is
important on the weekend of competitive inter county games that county hurlers are not placed in
a position where they are pressurised to train or play games by their clubs in the 48 hour period
prior to the fixture.
I thank Seamus & Sean for their commitment and effort in managing the Senior Hurling panel in
Seamus McCusker & Sean Duffy are again in charge for 2014 and we wish them and their back
room team every success.
U-21 Hurling
We did not compete in any of the inter county U-21 competitions in 2013.
Minor Hurling
We did not compete in any of the inter county Minorcompetitions in 2013.
County Team Results 2013
Competition/Date Game Venue
Dr McKenna Cup
09/01/13 Fermanagh (2.15) Donegal (2.07) BrewsterPark
13/02/13 Fermanagh (2.15) St Marys (1.05) BrewsterPark
16/01/13 Monaghan(1.12) Fermanagh (0.07) Inniskeen
20/01/2013(Semi-Final) Fermanagh (0.07) Tyrone (2.09) Armagh
McKenna Cup Section A
Pos. Team P W L D F A Pts.
1 Monaghan 3 3 0 0 56 27 6
2 Fermanagh 3 2 1 0 49 36 4
3 Donegal 3 1 2 0 38 62 2
4 St Mary’s University College 3 0 3 0 36 54 0
NFL Div 3
03/02/13 Wicklow(0.09) Fermanagh (1.16) Aughrim
0902/13 Fermanagh (2.12) Roscommon (2.06) BrewsterPark
02/03/13 Antrim(2.09) Fermanagh (1.12) Casement Park
09/03/13 Fermanagh (0.12) Monaghan (0.14) BrewsterPark
16/03/13 Cavan (1.10) Fermanagh (1.12) Breffni Park
24/03/13 Fermanagh (0.15) Sligo (0.09) Brewster Park
07/04/13 Meath ( 2.12 ) Fermanagh (0.14) Navan
1 MONAGHAN 7 5 2 0 115 81 10
2 MEATH 7 5 2 0 111 99 10
3 FERMANAGH 7 4 2 1 108 90 9
4 ROSCOMMON 7 4 2 1 90 85 9
5 CAVAN 7 3 3 1 95 92 7
6 SLIGO 7 2 4 1 90 103 5
7 ANTRIM 7 1 4 2 91 116 4
8 WICKLOW 7 0 5 2 84 118 2
16/06/13 Fermanagh (0.11) Cavan(0.13) Brewster Park
All Ire Qualifier
29/06/13 Westmeath (1.15) Fermanagh (3.10) Mullingar
13/07/2013 Cavan (1.14) Fermanagh (0.10) BreffniPark
U-21 FC
13/03/13 Fermanagh (0.09) Armagh (2.10) BrewsterPark
Ulster MFC
16/06/13 Fermanagh (1.08) Cavan (1.11) Clones
Ulster Minor League
19/03/13 Fermanagh (0.11) Donegal (0.09) Brewster Park
06/04/13 Fermanagh (0.10) Tyrone(1.13) Tempo
10/04/13 Antrim (2.07) Fermanagh (0.05) Cookstown
0 3/04/13 Derry (0.08) Fermanagh (2.08) Derry
Ulster Minor Football League Group B
Pos. Team P W L D F A Pts.
1 Tyrone 4 4 0 0 71 27 8
2 Donegal 4 2 2 0 54 43 4
3 Fermanagh 4 2 2 0 40 46 4
4 Antrim 4 2 2 0 34 45 4
5 Derry 4 0 4 0 30 68 0
24/02/13 Fermanagh (2.12) Tyrone (1.11) Brewster Park
10/03/13 Louth (0.13) Fermanagh (0.12) Dundalk
16/03/13 Fermanagh (1.20) Donegal (4.14) BrewsterPark
23/03/13 Fingal(1.16) Fermanagh (2.10) Croke Park
31/03/13 Fermanagh (1.09) Monaghan (0.10) Brewster Park
1 FINGAL 5 4 0 1 84 70 9
2 DONEGAL 5 4 1 0 101 68 8
3 LOUTH 5 3 1 1 83 75 7
4 FERMANAGH 5 2 3 0 81 82 4
5 TYRONE 5 1 4 0 73 90 2
6 MONAGHAN 5 0 5 0 57 94 0
Lory Meagher Cup
04/05/13 Leitrim (0.12) Fermanagh (3.13) Ballinamore
11/05/13 Fermanagh (0.15) Warwickshire (1.12) Brewster Park
18/05/13 Longford (6.13) Fermanagh (1.10) Longford
Games Activity – Club Competitions
In our Senior Championship final, Roslea overcame Belcoo to win their 11th title, a fitting
accolade in this their 125 anniversary year. Rosleacompeted in the Ulster Club Championship
against the Cavan champions Ballinagh, in Brewster Park, and on the day won on a score line of
1-12 to 0.11. This result placed them in the Ulster Semi Final against Donegal Champions
Glenswilly and in an entertaining game Glenswilly won on a scoreline of Glenswilly 3-09,
Roslea 2.08
In the Intermediate Championship, Enniskillen overcame the challenge of Maguiresbridge in the
county final. In the Ulster Intermediate competition, they lost out against Tyrone champions,
Eskra in Omagh, Eskra (0.19) Enniskillen (1.03).
In the Reserve championships, Roslea won the Reserve ‘A’ Championship with the Reserve ‘B’
going to St Patricks.
Lisbellaw overcame Lisnaskea to win their 8
consecutive Senior Hurling title. They went on to
compete in the Ulster Senior Hurling Competition where they lost out against Derry champions
Slaughtneil – Lisbellaw 0.07 Slaughtneil 4.18.
Lisnaskea represented the County in the Ulster Junior Hurling Championship, but went out in the
first round to the Tyrone champions, Na Seanróga. –Lisnaskea 2-12, Na Seanróga 3-14.
Our senior leagues were very competitive with this year a top four semi-final was retained.
The Div 1 title was won by Ederney St Josephs wherethey defeated Devenish in the final.
The Division 2 title went to Teemore, defeating Newtownbutler, whilst Irvinestown lifted the
Division 3 trophy winning over Brookeborough. In Erne Cup Division 1, Teemore took the title
whilst Erne Cup 2 and 3 winners were St Patricks and Erne Gaels respectively.
Inter County Transfers/Sanctions
Intercounty transfer activity continued throughout the year with 30 players transferring out of
clubs (41 in 2012). In addition to these transfers, 29 players applied for sanctions to play
overseas in USA, Canada and Australia (15 in 2012).I do not know how many of these returned
home. 11 players transferred into clubs in the county (22 in 2012).
This year our website continued to be successful and this year also saw the further use of
Facebook and Twitter. A number of our championship games were communicated ‘live’via
Our activities were well covered by the local papers – the Fermanagh Herald, the Impartial
Reporter, and the Fermanagh News.
Most games in the Ulster Championship were televised live by BBC, RTE and TV3. TG4
continues to give excellent coverage to all our codes and the continued coverage of the club
championship scene is very welcome.
Our games were also well covered by local radio stations. Live updates and a results service was
provided by Q101 and they provided live coverage of a number of our Senior Club
championship games. Thanks to Paddy Hunter and George Beacom.
Again in respect of all our communication activity our appreciation goes to our PRO Johnny
McManus for his work throughout the year.
Strategic Planning
Our strategic document ‘Forbairt Fhearmanach’ for the period 2007 to 2012, ended but
unfortunately the Ulster Council facilitating the development of a new plan has being put back to
We have also obligations to deliver on our Associations two other strategic documents – ‘The
GAA Strategic Vision and Action Plan 2009-2015 and at Provincial Level ‘Ulster GAA Strategic
Vision and Action Plan 2009-2015.
Child Protection
Fearghal O’ Connor in his role as the County Children’s Officer ensures that everyone is fully
aware of their roles and responsibilities in respect of the very important issue of child protection.
Fearghal has prepared a report and presentation on his work to-date which will be delivered to
Convention. I thank Fergal for his work in this essential area of activity.
Alcohol & Substance Abuse Prevention (ASAP)
Patricia Durnien again took on the role as ASAP officer and we thank her for her work in this
important area. The GAA’s ‘Off the Booze & On the Ball’ challenge, now in its third year, is
extending its positive message about alcohol consumption and healthier lifestyles into the third
level education sector. I would encourage all to support this worthy initiative.
Since January 1st 2013, it has been mandatory for players in underage grades up to and including
minor to wear a mouth guard in all Gaelic football practice sessions and games. From January
1st 2014, this rule will apply to Gaelic footballers in all age grades. It is the responsibility of each
individual player to use a mouth guard. Players will be sent-off in a game if they are not wearing
a mouth guard’ and there are implications regardingplayer injury scheme claims, ‘Players will
not be covered under the GAA player injury scheme if they don’t comply with the mouth guard
rule’. I ask club officers to remind all players ofthis rule.
Playing Rules
The Gaelic Football Rule Changes which become operative on 1 January 2014 are as follows:
Introduction of a Black Card for Cynical Behaviour Fouls.
Change in the number of substitutes allowed.
Distinction between Deliberate and Accidental Fouls.
Definition of the Tackle.
Introduction of a clearer Advantage Rule.
A player in possession may score a point with an open-handed hand-pass.
Our referees have already been given the opportunity to attend a meeting on this issue and more
meetings will be organised for our county teams andclubs. It is important that these meetings are
fully supported by all.
Future of our Schools
Last year I made comment in relation to the issue of the potential closure of small primary
schools and some of our second level schools. Twelve months later there is still uncertainty with
a number of schools not yet knowing what the futureholds. It is important that we continue to
support the community effort involved in highlighting the issues in relation to St Aidan’s
Derrylin and St Marys Brollagh.
In hurling Karl Keohe, John Duffy and Eoin Mahon were honoured with Lory Meagher awards.
Ulster President Awards – congratulations to Tempo on winning both the County and Provincial
Award in respect of Club Coaching and Games Development Awards
Congratulations to Roslea Shamrocks GAA club on their recent occasion of their 125
Anniversary celebrations.
At this year’s Convention we will be electing a new person to the post of County Cultural Officer,
replacing the present Officer Greg Kelly, who has now completed his five-year term. I thank Greg for his
commitment and work over these past five years.
At our County Committee meetings, all clubs record votes of sympathy to families in their area
who have been bereaved. At our Convention Mass earlier this evening prayers were offered for
all our members who have died during the last year.
In July we were shocked and saddened by the untimely death of Aghadrumsee and County Scor
participant Pauric McAloon. Go ndeana Dia trócaire ar a anamneacha go léir.
Acknowledgements and Conclusion
I wish also to take the opportunity to thank all who worked for the good of Cumann Luthchleas
Gael at all levels throughout the county during thepast twelve months.
I want to thank my fellow Officers on County Management Committee for their support.
Our County Chairman Patsy Dolan has completed another busy year in the post and I thank him
for his support and assistance throughout the year.
I thank County Treasurer Hugh Crudden and especially Assistant Treasurer Patricia Durnien who
took on the work in Hugh’s absence.
I also appreciate the co-operation I have received from all other County Officers, Sub Committee
officers and our representatives to National and Provincial Committees.
I thank all club representatives on County Committee for their co-operation and contribution to
the running of meetings and as ever, I wish to express my grateful appreciation to the Officers of all the
clubs in Fermanagh for their support and co-operation in dealing with the Association’s affairs during
Again this year I have worked closely on a daily basis with Comhairle Uladh and Croke Park. I
thank Danny Murphy and his staff at Comhairle Uladhand Paraic Duffy and his staff at Croke
Park for their expert advice and assistance.
Finally I wish all of you here today season’s greetings and express the wish that we can all go
forward together in unity in the New Year. Nollag Shona daoibh.
Tomás Ó Báoighill

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