Club Éirne’s motto of ‘Be The Best That We Can Be’ remains as true now as when we were relaunched back in December 2014.

We aimed to ensure that all our players, male and female and in all codes, and at all levels are given every chance to fulfil their potential.

It was important then, and it is important now, that our players, especially our young players as they are our future, are given the same opportunities in terms of training facilities and coaching as every other player in every other county in Ireland.

It is vital to give them that opportunity to reach their ceiling and in doing so it gives us as a county the chance ‘To Be The Best That We Can Be’ – and that’s all we can ask.

Of course, to put these things in place takes substantial funds and a lot of hard work and money has been raised since the relaunch.

When Club Éirne returned in 2014 it did so as a sub-committee of the Fermanagh County Board in order to establish a common purpose and foster strength and that togetherness and unity has served us well to date.

That was evident last year when we held a hugely ambitious ‘Win A House’ Competition which proved a success for not only Club Éirne but also the clubs in the county.

There was £970,000 raised from the draw which was for a beautiful four-bedroom detached house in Enniskillen.

After outgoings, including the price of the house and promotional costs, Club Éirne made a profit of £378,000 while the clubs in the county received £155,000 between them.

This was another fine example of a unified approach to addressing deficits in our County.

From 2015 to 2023, Club Éirne have transferred a colossal £1,535,026 to the Fermanagh County Board.

It is clear to see that a lot has been achieved over the last nine years but there is still an awful lot more to do.

It is well known that if you are standing still, you are really going backwards so we aim to continue to stride forwards.

Our main focus will continue to be raising funds to facilitate the County Board with the development of Fermanagh teams in Men’s and Ladies football, and hurling, at all levels.

Meanwhile, as it is known it is Fermanagh GAA’s ambition within the next ten years to develop a dedicated GAA centre with state-of-the-art pitches, associated gym and sports pavilion that will also incorporate our County Board offices.

Again, to do this takes a lot of money.

The GAA is all of us and the funds raised by Club Éirne is the lifeblood of Fermanagh GAA.

And you can help fulfil the ambitions held by Fermanagh GAA.

We are now refocusing our efforts on our core principle of signing up members and patrons so why not come on board and join Club Éirne and play your part in keeping our proud county to the fore.

There is also a social end to what we do with plans for more events such as our popular Day at the Races which is another opportunity to give your support to Fermanagh GAA but also have an enjoyable day and evening in the company of like-minded people.

And very importantly, as we have done since 2015, we will continue to be clearly transparent.

An annual report will continue to be produced which will detail how much money Club Éirne has raised for Fermanagh GAA, and also where it has been invested.