Ulster GAA in partnership with The Sports Institute Northern Ireland (SINI) has produced these recommendations for the management of the “Gaelic Groin” phenomena.

  1. Players should have no more than a total of four high intensity training sessions or matches in one week, with no more than two games per week. This should be complimented by strength and flexibility training sessions.
  2. Players should play a maximum of 38 games per season
  3. Avoid high intensity training sessions or a high volume of kicking practice the day before games.
  4. Players should avoid long range kicking before a proper warm-up has been completed.
  5. Talented young athletes should have a nominated mentor to help decision making through the 17-21 age bracket. This individual should help decision making around game and training selection for appropriate squads.
  6. All players should have a two month off-season period in the calendar year. (It is recommended that during this period players complete strength, flexibility and stability training in order to address any dysfunctions and appropriately prepare for the incoming season).

Extract taken from: “Prevention and Management of Chronic Groin Pain in Gaelic Football.” November 2011