20 Golden Rules

Try not to wait on the ball 

Always run with the ball – never stand 

Take the support pass on the move 

Avoid carrying the ball into the tackle 

Keep possession of the ball 

Never bounce the ball 

Try not to pass the ball while on the ground 

Shoot for goal low or high – not at saveable height 

Show for pass where ball can be played to 

Give fist/hand pass to team mate’s hands 

Expect the break – normally in front 

Hold onto the ball in the tackle

Expect to get hit going for the ball 

 Don’t give away “silly” frees 

Go forward with the ball – don’t turn back 

Expect the turn when going to tackle 

Avoid diving in, inviting the pass over you, outside 20m

Keep eyes open when blocking the ball 

Get your body to the ball to secure possession 

Prepare yourself sensibly for games