U16 (1996) Football Academy 2012

Buncrana Cup – 2nd  Qualifiers 28th July 2012  

The following U16 Academy players travelled to MUSA, Cookstown, to take part in the 2nd qualifier for the Buncrana Cup. The team played brilliantly against Armagh in their first game and after a real battling performance they won by 4 points to 3. In their next game against Antrim things didn’t go as well and after conceding goals the team were beaten on a scoreline of Antrim 4-7, Fermanagh 2-5.

Overall, for the players who travelled, this was a useful exercise.

Belnaleck: Connor McAuley, Derrygonnelly: Conor Gilleece, Conor Hoy, Garvan Jones. Derrylin: Danny Leonard. Devenish: Thomas McHugh, John James O’Brien. Erne Gaels: Ryan Gormley, Shane Rooney. Maguiresbridge: Diarmaid Russell, Tárlach Russell. Roslea: Mícheál Jordan, Niall Kelly, Shane Mohan, Conor Lynam. St. Joseph’s: Oran McGee. St. Patrick’s: Matthew McGrade.

Players invited but unable to take part because of hurling commitments, injury or unavailability for various reasons: Brian Maguire, Shane Mimna, John Finbar Killen, Conor Durnien, Patrick Hyde, David Teague, Gareth Fox, Lee Martin, Liam Maguire, Ryan Kelly, Enda Tierney, Ronan Melarkey and Jamie Connolly.

Buncrana Cup 2nd Qualifier 28thJuly 2012

Venue: MUSA, Cookstown. Group: Fermanagh/Armagh/Antrim. Games: 17mins each way. The following players are invited:

Aughadrumsee: Brian Maguire. Belnaleck: Connor McAuley, Derrygonnelly: Conor Gilleece, Conor Hoy, Garvan Jones. Derrylin: Danny Leonard. Devenish: Thomas McHugh, John James O’Brien. Erne Gaels: Ryan Gormley, Shane Mimna, Shane RooneyLisnaskea: John Finbar Killen. Maguiresbridge: Diarmaid Russell, Tárlach Russell. Newtownbutler: Gareth Fox, Lee Martin. Roslea: Mícheál Jordan, Niall Kelly, Shane Mohan, Conor Lynam. St. Joseph’s: Oran McGee, Liam Maguire. St. Patrick’s: Ryan Kelly, Matthew McGrade, Enda Tierney, Ronan Melarkey.  Tempo: Jamie Connolly.

Players should bring fruit, fluid and Fermanagh gear.

There was a coaching session for the group and the distribution of their gear on Wednesday 25th July. Players are reminded there is a £20 contribution to the cost of the gear.


After coaching sessions on 21st, 27th March and 4th, 12th & 19th April the following players were invited to attend the remaining U16 Academy sessions in 2012:

Aughadrumsee: Brian Maguire. Belnaleck: Connor McAuley. Derrygonnelly: Conor Gilleece, Conor Hoy, Garvan Jones. Derrylin: Danny Leonard. Devenish: Thomas McHugh, John James O’Brien. Erne Gaels: Ryan Gormley, Shane Mimna, Shane Rooney. Lisnaskea: John Finbar Killen. Maguiresbridge: Conor Durnien, Patrick Hyde, Diarmaid Russell, David Teague, Tárlach Russell. Newtownbutler: Gareth Fox, Lee Martin. Roslea: Mícheál Jordan, Niall Kelly, Shane Mohan, Conor Lynam, Josh O’Dowd. St. Joseph’s: Liam McGee, Oran McGee. St. Patrick’s: Ryan Kelly, Matthew McGrade, Enda Tierney, Ronan Melarkey. Tempo: Jamie Connolly

Buncrana Cup Qualifiers 28th April 2012

The U16 Academy players travelled to Augher to play their counter-parts from Tyrone and Antrim in games which were 20mins each way.

First up at 11.00am it was Fermanagh v Tyrone. After a poor start against the breeze it took Fermanagh a while to get going and they were eventually beaten by 7 points.

The second game, Fermanagh v Antrim, started almost immediately and Fermanagh fared much better early on but had constant problems with the Antrim midfielder, centre-half forward and full-forward. Antrim ran out winners by 5 points.

The following Fermanagh players attended on the day. There were four injured players with group.

Aughadrumsee: Brian Maguire. Belnaleck: Connor McAuley. Derrygonnelly: Conor Gilleece Inj, Conor Hoy. Derrylin: Danny Leonard Inj. Devenish: Thomas McHugh, John James O’Brien, Peter Leonard. Erne Gaels: Ryan Gormley, Shane Mimna, Shane RooneyMaguiresbridge: Conor Durnien, Patrick Hyde Inj, Diarmaid Russell, David Teague, Tárlach Russell. Newtownbutler: Gareth Fox, Lee Martin. Roslea: Mícheál Jordan, Niall Kelly Inj, Shane Mohan, Conor Lynam. St. Joseph’s: Oran McGee. St. Patrick’s: Ryan Kelly, Matthew McGrade. Tempo: Jamie Connolly.

The next Ulster Council U16 Academy Blitz is on Saturday 28th July 2012.

The Ulster U16 Elite Camp at UUJ on 2nd & 3rd July 2012

The following players have been selected to attend this Camp:

Danny Leonard (Derrylin), Matthew McGrade (St. Patrick’s), Patrick Hyde (Maguiresbridge), Shane Mimna (Erne Gaels) and Thomas McHugh (Devenish).