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Provisional Allianz Football League fixture list

October 12th, 2012

Provisional Allianz Football League fixture list

Venues, times and dates for all games are open to change.


SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 3 (2.0 unless stated)
Div 3: Antrim v Cavan, Monaghan v Meath, Wicklow v Fermanagh, Roscommon v Sligo.

SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 9 (7.0 unless stated).
Div 3: Cavan v Monaghan, Fermanagh v Roscommon.

SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 10 (2.0 unless stated)
Div 3: Sligo v Antrim, Wicklow v Meath.

SATURDAY, MARCH 2 (7.0 unless stated)
Div 3: Meath v Cavan, Antrim v Fermanagh.

SUNDAY, MARCH 3?(2.0 unless stated)
Div 3: Roscommon v Wicklow, Monaghan v Sligo.

SATURDAY, MARCH 9 (7.0 unless stated).
Div 3: Fermanagh v Monaghan.

SUNDAY, MARCH 10 (2.0 unless stated).
Div 3: Sligo v Cavan, Wicklow v Antrim (2.30), Roscommon v Meath (2.30).

SATURDAY, MARCH 16 (7.0 unless stated)
Div 3: Monaghan v Wicklow (2.0), Antrim v Roscommon, Cavan v Fermanagh, Meath v Sligo.

Div 3: Antrim v Meath, Fermanagh v Sligo, Wicklow v Cavan (2.30), Roscommon v Monaghan (2.30).

SUNDAY, APRIL 7 (3.0 unless stated).

Div 3: Monaghan v Antrim, Sligo v Wicklow, Meath v Fermanagh, Cavan v Roscommon.

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