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By Tom Mon 1st Jul

At a meeting of the Competitions Control Committee tonight, it was agreed, as a result of the U20 Ulster Football Championship Semi Final being fixed for Friday night, to play the Senior Football League games scheduled for this weekend on Sunday 7th July at 1:00pm. It was further agreed to move the Erne Cup games from Sunday 7th to Saturday 6th July, with throw-in at 7:30pm to facilitate people that may want to watch the Tyrone v Cavan game, which starts at 5:00pm.

The Competitions Control Committee has also agreed that where one (or both) team(s) wants a postponement of their SFL game due to the involvement of players in the U20 game, that game will be postponed until 26th July, unless an alternative date is agreed by the two clubs.

We have taken the decision not to postpone all games as we are aware that some teams will want their games to proceed as planned, but that may not be an option for all teams.

The outstanding Senior Football League Round 12 games that were previously postponed have also been confirmed for 21st July.

Please be advised that clubs seeking postponements may end up playing four SFL games on the last two weekends of the league programme, so requests for postponements should be carefully considered.

By Tom Mon 1st Jul

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