Club Eirne

THREE months after their establishment, Club Eirne, the fund-raising wing concerned with furthering GAA activities in Fermanagh, are now celebrating a significant landmark.

Having achieved their initial goal of gathering 60 patrons and members, they are now seeking to double that tally in the coming months, and have a number of developments designed to help them achieve that goal, including the launch of a brand-new website;, go along with their Twitter account – @ClubEirne.

The website, designed in-house, sets out clear identifiable aims for the body and has a helpful questions and answers section that explain what they do with their funding.

Chairman of Club Eirne, Ger Treacy, commented, “It’s been three months down the road since we have had a very successful launch of Club Eirne. In those three months, people of Fermanagh and the surrounding areas have been hugely generous and hugely supportive of what we are trying to do in terms of fundraising for Fermanagh GAA.

“We have a lot of work done, but we still have an awful lot to do. Our aim would be in the short-term now to add another 60 to the 60 who have already pledged themselves to being part of Club Eirne, over the next six months.”

He added, “We are continuing to work very closely with the Fermanagh County Board in terms of assisting them in developing their three-year strategy. We are still very, very keen that our funds raised will be linked to that strategy and helping the county board deliver on the aims and objectives within.”

What that entails in practical terms, as explained by Treacy, is, “There are three key areas; development of youth structures and coaching. Development of facilities for all of our teams, and thirdly, the preparation of all our county teams.”

A comprehensive breakdown and further reading will be included on the website. The need to have such a resource is necessary, Treacy says, as, “We want to spread our wings to every Fermanagh person who has an interest in GAA.

“The website gives an overview of our aims and objectives and our work to date. It also provides people with the opportunity to join Club Eirne online, through the website.”

It is also a means of connecting with the Fermanagh Diaspora, for fans of the Erne county as far away as America and Australia.
“I suppose we have concentrated very much on the local Fermanagh area, but we do intend in the coming months to get out there and approach people in Belfast and Dublin. Right now, we are focussing very much in the county at the present time,” added Treacy.

Tracey Concrete- Official Sponsors of Fermanagh GAA