Cumann Lúthchleas Gael Fear Manach

Hugely important for all Club Players in Fermanagh

April 7th, 2018

The most recent Registration Report from Croke Park indicates there are remain a large number of current players that have yet to be registered as current members of the GAA within some of our clubs.

I have three matters to draw to your attention regarding this and I would ask that this is brought to the attention of all current team managers, at all levels within your club.

1 – Loss of Game for Playing a Non-Registered Player

Rule 2.3 T.O. 2017 clearly states that:

  1. A Club Registrar shall submit annually to Central Council, by the process of Electronic Registration, separate Registers in the Irish Language…of the Club’s Adult, Under 21, Minor and Juvenile (all grades) players…
  1. …A Player must be registered at least three days before a game.
  2. A Register of Players shall be available for inspection to the Secretary of any Unit, upon demand in writing.


Penalty: The Penalty for playing a non-registered player shall be:

On a proven Objection – Award of Game to the Opposing Team.

On an Inquiry by Committee-in-Charge – Forfeiture of Game without Award of Game to the Opposing Team, or Fine, depending on the circumstances.

Therefore any team that included a non-registered player shall be liable to forfeit the game in question and the imposition of a fine.

2 – Ineligibility for Players’ Injury Fund for Non-Registered Players

Furthermore, Rule 4.17 T.O. 2017 states that:

Central Council may make arrangements for the provision of a Players’ Injury Fund for registered playing members of affiliated units of the Association. The Fund shall be administered in accordance with the terms and conditions of the Fund as may be determined from time to time.

Therefore any player who is not currently registered with Croke Park as a playing member of their club shall not be eligble for cover under the Players’ Injury Fund.

3 – Requirement to Use Teamsheets Generated on Servasport

CCC intend to take a proactive approach to this matter in order to protect the integrity of our games and to protect those that play them.

In order to help us do, we are insisting that clubs, In line with Regulation 13 of the Fermanagh GAA Adult Gaelic Football Competition Regulations 2018, use the teamsheets template within Servasport that generates a list of all current players eligble for playing at that level.

Anyone not listed on this teamsheet is therefore not a registered member and this will flag the issue up for everyone concerned. A large proportion of clubs have implemented this system and I am grateful to those that have. Unfortunately, a small number clubs have yet to do so and I would ask them to immediately put this in place.

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