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Cumann Lúthchleas Gael Fear Manach

Derrygonnelly Harps U10 Tournament

Derrygonnelly Harps U-10



GROUP A                                                                              GROUP B

Belcoo, Belnaleck, Derrygonnelly, Kinawley, Tempo                Derrylin, Devenish, Enniskillen Gaels, Erne Gaels, St. Josephs

FIXTURES: GROUP A                                                      FIXTURES: GROUP B

Week 1: Fri 2nd May Tempo –v- Belcoo                                            Fri 2nd May Enniskillen Gaels –v- Erne Gaels

Belnaleck –v- Kinawley                                                                                St Joseph’s –v- Derrylin

Derrygonnelly FREE                                                                                         Devenish FREE

(NOTE: No games on Friday 9th May due to County Senior Squad’s Open Night)

Week 2: Fri 16th May Belcoo –v- Belnaleck                         Week 2: Fri 16th May Derrylin –v- Enniskillen Gaels

Kinawley –v- Derrygonnelly                                                 Erne Gaels –v- Devenish

Tempo FREE                                                                               St Joseph’s FREE

Week 3: Fri 23rd May Derrygonnelly –v- Belcoo                          Week 3: Fri 23rd May Devenish –v- Derrylin

Belnaleck –v- Tempo                                                                                   Enniskillen Gaels –v- St Josephs

Kinawley FREE                                                                                                                Erne Gaels FREE

Week 4: Fri 30th May Belcoo –v- Kinawley                                          Week 4: Fri 30th May St Joseph’s –v- Devenish

       Tempo –v- Derrygonnelly                                                                                               Derrylin –v- Erne Gaels

Belnaleck FREE                                                                                                                     Enniskillen FREE

Week 5: Fri 6th June Derrygonnelly –v- Belanaleck             Week 5: Sat 7th June Devenish –v- Enniskillen                           Kinawley –v- Tempo                                                                              Erne Gaels –v- St Joseph’s

                             Belcoo FREE                                                                                                 Derrylin FREE

Week 6: Fri 13th June Free for play-offs Free for play-offs

                                 Sat 21st June 2014 FINALS Sat 21st June 2014 FINALS                                



Derrygonnelly Harps U-10 TOURNAMENT 2013


GROUP A                                                                                                      GROUP B

Derrygonnelly, Derrylin, Devenish, Kinawley, Tempo                         Belcoo, Belnaleck, Enniskillen Gaels, Erne Gaels, St. Joseph’s

FIXTURES: GROUP A                                                                               FIXTURES: GROUP B


Week 1: Fri 26th Apr             Derrylin-v- Tempo                                        Week 1: Fri 26th Apr             Belnaleck-v-StJosephs

                                                Kinawley-v- Devenish                                                                                   Erne Gaels –v Enniskillen

                                                D’gonnelly FREE                                                                                          Belcoo FREE


Week 2: Fri 3rd May            Devenish –v-Derrylin                                    Week 2: Fri 11th May            E’killen-v- B’naleck

                                                D’gonnelly –v- Kinawley                                                                              Belcoo –v Erne Gaels

                                                Tempo FREE                                                                                                            St Joseph’s FREE


Week 3: Fri 10th May           Derrylin v- Derrygonnelly                            Week 3: Fri 10th  May            Belnaleck –v Belcoo

                                                Tempo –v- Devenish                                                                                     St Josephs–v-E’killen

                                                Kinawley FREE                                                                                            Erne Gaels FREE


Week 4: Fri 17th  May           Kinawley –v- Derrylin                                  Week 4: Fri 17th   May            Erne Gaels –v-Belnaleck

                                                D’gonnelly –v- Tempo                                                                                  Belcoo –v- St Joseph’s

                                                Devenish  FREE                                                                                            Enniskillen  FREE


Week 5: Fri 24th  May           Devenish –v- D’gonnelly                               Week 5: Fri 24th May             Enniskillen –v- Belcoo                                                           Tempo –v- Kinawley                                                                                     St Joseph’s –v-Erne Gaels

                                                Derrylin FREE                                                                                              Belnaleck FREE


 Week 6:Fri 31st May            Free for play-offs                                            Week 6:Fri 31st May           Free for play-offs



                                                SATURDAY 8th  June 2013 Tournament  Final & Blitz  at Derrygonnelly

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